Jack The Ripper


Jack the ripper, also known as “White Chapel Murderer” or “Leather apron” is the name given to a serial killer who killed a number of prostitutes in the East end of White Chapel district in London. His murder began from the 3rd of August till the 9th of November. During that time period till date his identity, name and motive still remains unknown.

Background during the 1888

During the year 1888, London was the biggest city in the England.  It was the time period when Queen Victoria took the throne. White chapel, a district in London was the worst slums, had the worst overcrowding and the highest death rate. At that time, many Jewish had also taken refuge in the White Carpel. Poverty was common in such place. Around 6,000 residences lived below poverty line and 871 families were dwelling in just one room. Due to overpopulation there was no proper sanitation and no proper housing for the people. There were 1,233 lodging houses and each night around 8 thousand families filled the lodging houses. The immigrants had their own way of living and so they lived differently than the others. Due to poverty no one could afford a proper house with nice furniture and good environment. There were few career opportunities and less employment so many of the females turned into prostitution no because of their own choice but as a necessity to survive. It was estimated that there were 1,200 prostitutes. There was a social fear among people that it there were going to be some changes to the ordered society and there was a genuine fear that there would be a revolution.  That was exactly when Jack the ripper’s began and he too became one of the social fears among the people.

Victims of Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper’s murders began from the 3rd of August till the 9th of November. It was found that only the prostitutes were targeted and there were the total number of 11 victims. Among them, 5 of the people who were murdered were known as the “Canonical five”. These Canonical five victims were Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly.

The names of the victims of Jack the Ripper are given below:

  • Mary Ann Nichols
  • Annie Chapman
  • Elizabeth Stride
  • Catherine Eddowes
  • Mary Jane Kelly
  • Rose Mylett
  • Alice McKenzie
  • Frances Coles


 Letters relating Jack The Ripper


Over the course of the Ripper murders, the police, newspapers, and others received hundreds of letters regarding the case. Hundreds of letters claimed to have been written by the killer himself and three of these in particular are prominent: the “Dear Boss” letter, the “Saucy Jacky” postcard and the “From Hell” letter. The “Dear Boss” letter, dated 25 September, was postmarked 27 September 1888. It was received that day by the Central News Agency, and was forwarded to Scotland Yard on 29 September. The “Saucy Jacky” postcard was postmarked 1 October 1888 and was received the same day by the Central News Agency. The handwriting was similar to the “Dear Boss” letter. The “From Hell” letter was received by George Rusk, leader of the White chapel Vigilance Committee, on 16 October 1888. The handwriting and style is unlike that of the “Dear Boss” letter and “Saucy Jacky” postcard.

Investigation till date:


Since the murders began till date the identity of “Jack the Ripper” still remains unknown. However, the search of Jack the Ripper is still ongoing. During that time there were around 100 suspects. The ongoing case—which has spawned an industry of books, films, TV series and historical tours—has met with a number of hindrances, including lack of evidence, a gamut of misinformation and false testimony, and tight regulations by the Scotland Yard. Jack the Ripper has been the topic of news stories for more than 120 years, and will likely continue to be for decades to come.

More recently, in 2011, British detective Trevor Marriott, who has long been investigating the Jack the Ripper murders, was denied access to uncensored documents surrounding the case by the Metropolitan Police. According to a 2011 ABC News article, London officers had refused to give Marriott the files because they include protected information about police informants, and that handing over the documents could impede on the possibility of future testimony by modern-day informants.

In 2014, Russell Edwards, an author and amateur sleuth claimed that he has proven the identity of Jack the Ripper by DNA results obtained from a shawl belonging to one of the victim , Catherine Eddowes. Edwards asserts they point to Aaron , a Polish immigrant and one of the prime suspects in the grisley murders.


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