The Taos Hum

                Taos is a town in the northern part of the New Mexico surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. It is also well known for its Landmark Legacy, historic sites such as Taos Pueblo, many historic artifacts, Groovy Galleries, etc.

                      But even though, clam and promising it may seem there has been rumor that every day people have been hearing a strange humming sound but no one has been able to find the source of the hum. There have been many Investigations for this matter and they always had the same results, no one could find the source of the hum.

 When did it begin??

             During the 1990’s number of residents of the Taos reported that they heard a sound with no discernible source. Several Scientists from the State’s laboratory and Universities went on for an investigation but no one could ever explain the source for the sound.

 Who can really hear it????

            It is said that only 2% of the population in Taos could hear the humming sound. The people who can actually hear this sound are called “hearers”. According to a survey, in a total number of 1,400 residents in the total area 161 residents were classified as hearers, which meant that those people could hear the humming sound while the rest couldn’t. Most of the hearers, approximately 72% of them are between 30 and 59 years of age and there are approximately equal percentages of male (52%) and female (47%) hearers. The hum is heard by most of the people during the time being of 8 pm till the 9am and at least once a week.  Few people could hear the hum at the site of more than 50 miles from Taos.

                             At first, people believed that it was absurd and had to believe but when the population of Taos got disturbed by it, it became a national issue.

 Possibilities For the sound

1.)    Some believe that there is an underground base in the surrounding with an engine that could produce such sounds.

 2.)   Some people believe the theory that, as the land of Taos is the thinnest among the others it is always on a constant motion on top of the magma. Due to this, an audible sound is released.

 3.)    Few of the investigators and residents believed that the hearers are suffering from tinnitus. It is the perception of noise or ringing in the ears.

 4.)  Sometimes people can hear sounds even though they were never one. Sometimes people feel like they were being called or sometimes they hear their name or a certain sound even though it was never present. It is possible for such incident to occur as we are always surrounded by different types of sound.

 Frequency of the hum:

            Some have identified the hum as a modulated tone near 41 hertz while people with some technical background identify it as amplitude modulated sound with a   continuous frequency ranging from 30 to 80 Hz.




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