Do think you have qualities of a hit man(assassins)

Hit men(assassins) are the people who kills people for money, they are although known as contract killers. They are not exactly serial killers though.We have seen hit men in movies and games and they look pretty cool but is being a hit man as cool and good to take as a career in real life. 

James Bond, John Wick, Agent 47,etc may made being a hit man look cool but in reality hit men are not as charismatic as them.According to David Wilson a professor of criminology a typical hit man is more likely as an ordinary person. Many of them may be a bit desperate but they are nowhere near our expectation.

If you may not be thinking about the James Bond, Agent 47,etc and was thinking about ninjas. Although ninjas are practically does everything a hit man does from infiltration to killing. But them being hit men is actually a myth. Ninjas were used to collect information in japan so they usually do not have to do things that a hit man does.  

Now after knowing all this if u still want to become a hit man there some more myths about hit men that is likely to remove your goal. We mostly believe that assassination takes place in private places but in reality it is again just a myth. In movies gangsters are killed in private clubs, politicians are killed in hotel rooms and so on but in reality people are killed in unremarkable place and time i.e. when the target least expects the his or her assassinations. Example: when the target is leaving a gym , walking in the park,etc . So if you think killing people in private places will look cool you are just making your life more difficult.

You may think like in the game hit-man an assassin will use a wide variety of ways to kill a person but in reality one will use quiet and simple methods like shooting b\a bullet at the target because in the end your just working for your your pay check. So by now you may realize being a hit man is no joke.

However, if you still want to become  a hit man think about if your pay check will be big enough. In movies we saw that a hit man earns millions of dollars per target but in reality the pay check is quite reasonable and sometimes depressing. according to a study done in Australia in 2002 a hit man only earns under 15000 dollars per target. In average a hit man mostly earns 125-250 dollars per target. So financially being a hit man is not quite beneficial.

So, do u think being a hit man is worth it?  Stick around more more interesting blogs. Hope you enjoyed.   


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