Do you have the magical powers in your body to be able to do these things?

Our site recently published an article about why can’t we tickle ourselves but there are many more strange things that one can’t do to themselves. But there are few people who is able to do these things , this is what evolution has led up to.

Touch one’s nose with his/her tongue : Almost all of us have tried this at least once and failed miserably. Well don’t be sad if you failed. Our body is designed in such way that we can’t complete this task. For those who were able to do it , it may be due to your long tongue or nose which is low enough to be able to do such a thing which is quite concerning genetically. If you want to do this thing in a legit way you will have to surgically remove your tongue from the floor of your mouth to be able to touch your nose with your tongue. Although the inner part of our nose and tongue is continuously touching each other  in order to release saliva, there are very few people who can do it in this world. Our body is not designed for that. One can’t lick their elbow or touch their chin with their tongue for the same reason as well.


Opening one’s eyes while sneezing: We all have heard rumors that if you open your eyes while sneezing your eyeballs will come out from your skull although this rumor has been proved wrong no one can open their eyes while sneezing one can force their eyes open will sneezing but can’t do it naturally. Since, the cranial nerves of our eyes and nose are linked together it is just a basic stimulation and reaction. Sneezing is the stimulation and closing our eyes is the reaction.

Fit one’s fist inside his/her mouth: The trick here is simple make a fist, then open your mouth then put your fist inside it. Oh wait that doesn’t work does it. You may be able to put your fist inside others mouth beside yours. This is again because of our body structure naturally our hand is bigger in size compared to our mouth. But if you have a big mouth(literally) or small hands you can do it but again it is genetically concerning.

There are many other strange things we cant do like raising one eyebrow, wiggling your ears , twitching your nose, etc. Don’t feel bad if you are not able to do it cause it is normal and so far there are very less people in this world who can accomplish such things.




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