More people want to pursue this career than being a doctor

When I was young I wanted to become a doctor meanwhile my friends wanted to become pilots, engineers, etc. Back then doctor, engineer, scientist, pilot and many other professions were known as a suitable career. Well, times have changed a lot and there are many more professions that are rising. Well, one of them is being a youtuber.


Through a survey done in the United States it was found that most of the kids there wanted to be a youtuber then pursue another career option. Well thinking of this being a youtuber is really bad. You make videos of whatever you want (almost…there are few limitations and restriction), whether it is gaming, makeup stuff, random things, sports, trends, music, etc you can do it all. And the fun part is anyone can become a youtuber there is age limit, gender limit, qualification,etc. And the best part is YouTube will pay you for making these videos if you have enough views. I am not say life of youtuber is easy. There will be obstacles like haters, criticisms, etc. A youtuber has to come up with a new content on his/her videos on a regular basis. Although it may take some time building subscribers it will be all worth it in the end.

819,417,600 hours (excluding live streams) of videos are currently there in YouTube. There are approximately 505,347,842 youtubers currently which is constantly growing everyday in which 38% are female users and 62% are male. YouTube pays $9.35 per 1000 views so you are likely to get $2000 per million views although it seems less as your YouTube channels progresses you will start getting ads offer resulting greater income. The ads pay be $1 per 25 views of their 30 sec ad so it will generate a lot of profit.

Though through the survey we found out many people want to be a youtuber than other profession being a youtuber isn’t easy as we thing. In fact no profession is easy without hard work and proper dedication. So, no mater whatever profession you choose you need proper dedication and hard work to succeed.



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